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I saw Spamalot last night. As a devoted Monty Python fan, I knew I would enjoy it. I only hoped my expectations were not too high. They weren’t. It delivered. It provided the appropriate evocations of the source material and built from there. I particularly liked the thowaway line, “It’s got lovely plumage,” which harkens to my favorite skit, the “Dead Parrot.”

What struck me was how effective the show was at providing the best Broadway emotional manipulation, all the while ridiculing the Broadway conventions. The soaring showtunes about how silly showtunes are. I also felt uneasy about the gay and Jew jokes. Can the gays and Jews out there give me post hoc permission to laugh at those? Of course, similarly, I always feel a little uneasy about enjoying the song, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,” since the original was sung by Jesus hanging on the cross, compete with leg kicks. Still, it was a real high point of the show. And the entire audience sang along.

It was a great show and fun to see it in its natural habitat, here in London.

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