Why I Remain a Catholic

| April 6, 2010 | 0 Comments
This is a nice piece, written by a thinking Catholic named Mary Gordon.  It’s worth reading in its entirety as it included a nice parable.  But, here’s teh bottom line:

How do some of us stay in the Church? In grief, in sadness, with a resolve not to be shut out by those who say they are speaking in the name of the Father. We just don’t believe them. The Church is not an institution; it is the people, people who are now wounded and scandalized, not only by the sexual crimes of priests, but more important, by the cover-up by those in power. In 1959 the election of Pope John XXIII was a surprise, a kind of miracle. It happened once. It could happen again. We wait, in stubborn hope, for the return of miracle. We want to make sure some of us are at home when it happens.

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for flagging it.

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