Alone in the BVI on the Livin’ Wright

| January 5, 2011 | 3 Comments

So, here I am on this massive 46 foot sail boat, by myself, at Nanny Cay on Tortola. For reasons I can’t explain, I arrived about 4 hours ahead of the rest of the crew. I had an extended shuttle ride to the marina because “some tourist” barreled down the wrong (U.S.) side of the road and crashed into a local’s car. The shuttle driver noted the injustice in the fact that the tourist walked away unharmed, but the local was apparently injured. But it created utter gridlock in Road Town, the largest “city” in the BVI.

I got a taste of the lifestyle when the shuttle driver saw an attractive, well-dressed young woman holding an umbrella and seemingly waiting for a bus. He stopped the van and invited her in for a ride, which she readily accepted. As she got in, he said, “I only stopped because you’re so pretty.” She seemed mildly flattered.

After he dropped her off, he shared with me his deep affection fo this particular woman and that he has repeated asked her for a date. She said that he was too old. But he was encouraged by the fact that she accepted the ride.

He dropped me off at the marina where I was directed to the boat and invited to hop aboard and get ensconced. No identification, no paperwork. Just jump aboard.

So, for the last 3 hours, I have been stowing our ample provisions and getting acquainted with the boat. It is bigger than I expected. The good news is that the accommodations are luxurious. The bad news is that it’s going to be a bear to sail this beast.

I think everything seems to be working. If you are reading this post, it means I’ve figured out the wifi. I’ve concluded that my biggest challenge is going to be husbanding electrical power for my multiple gadgets.

My crew has checked in by text message and is due to arrive soon and the adventure will begin.

Location:Waterfront Dr,,British Virgin Islands

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  1. Cynthia Powell says:

    Keep us posted, Bill, so we can live vicariously!

  2. DavidLDurkin says:

    I be here to commend me crewmate, "Boston Blackie," for not sinkin' our stalwart vessel prior to our arrival. He'll be a fine sailor when the lot of us are done with him.

    Iron Davy Read
    First Mate

  3. Susan says:

    Hey Bill,

    Sounds like you found all the hot spots. Are you going to Anegada? If you get into Spanish Town in Virgin Gorda, tell Rose we said hi. She manages the Bath & Turtle and owns the restaurant across the street.

    May the wind be at your back.

    Smooth sailing,

    Susan & George

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