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| January 7, 2011 | 2 Comments

We moored in “The Bight,” a harbor on Norman Island. It’s famous for a bar, that is actually an old fishing boat called the William T. Thornton or Willie T’s for short. It’s a floating restaurant and you can only get there by dinghy.

Before visiting Willie T’s we had a fine dinner of steak on the barbecue with many vegetable sides, thanks to chef and first mate, Iron Davy.

By the time we got to Willie T’s, the place was rocking and there was very little room on the dock to tie up the dinghy, but we found a place. It’s a run down bar that is clearly a playpen for the idle rich. It’s pretty small, so was packed with people. They run a video slide show of activities that occur there, many of which are not suitable for family discussion.

Above the bar, there hangs a water ski with five holes bored into it that hold shot glasses. The tradition is to fill the shot glasses with liquor, insert them into the holes and five people down a shot all at once.

I met a man named John who owns a pizza place in Old Orchard Beach in Maine named Bill’s Pizza Parlor and a bizarre family from Colorado who own a family restaurant. Mother, Father and 24 year old son were partying together. Didn’t seem healthy to me.

The highlight of the evening was when they played Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. The singalong was robust. I mentioned to John, a Red Sox fan, that it felt like Fenway Park during the 7th inning.

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Location:Fortsberg Rd,,US Virgin Islands

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  1. asticou says:

    When do you get a promotion? The name "Captain Black" has a nice ring to it.

  2. Anonymous says:


    You have been traveling West to East aand have had smooth sailing. Heading north will be a new adventure, which is what you will have to do to get to Virgin Gorda. The name of Rose's restaurant is Chez Bamboo, which is named after the first bar that was there belonging to her long time lover, Speedy. He is the ferry/rental car buddah. If you decide to go to Anegada, it's a straight shot out of Virgin Gorda. Don't miss Loblolly Bay. Set your sails once and fly with the wind. Wish I was there flying with you all.

    Best regards,
    George Donovan

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