They are doomed

| May 1, 2006 | 3 Comments

I’d been hearing about this $100 gas rebate plan, vaguely out of the corner of my ear. I can’t remember where. But I had assumed that this was some lame-brained scheme by one of the crazy lefties (who I love) in the Democratic Party. I only just found out that this was proposed by the Republican Senate leadership. Predictably, their right wing has erupted in opposition. As though more proof were needed, this demonstrates that they have no principles whatsoever….none.

Sharp Reaction to G.O.P. Plan on Gas Rebate – New York Times: “WASHINGTON, April 30 � The Senate Republican plan to mail $100 checks to voters to ease the burden of high gasoline prices is eliciting more scorn than gratitude from the very people it was intended to help. “

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