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| June 25, 2007 | 2 Comments

It’s been pretty quiet here at the Preferential Option. While I do admit to giving John Carr the idea of starting a blog, I have preferred to blog away in obscurity. John has taken his blog to places I could not have imagined when I suggested he start one. He has actually had an impact on peoples’ lives. I stand in awe of his accomplishments.

For me, I mainly use this blog as an opportunity to vent my rage at the Bush Administration, for which my loathing knows no bounds. But I’ve also tried various and sundry new blogging techiques. You’ll see in the previous post that I’ve figured out how to create and post little music videos. I’m so excited about that, it even distracted me from Bush bashing, albeit temporarily.

So, feel free to look around. While I wasn’t expecting company, you are certainly welcome. And now I will feel an obligation to post more frequently, in case you choose to come back.

For those of my readers not coming from the Main Bang (Hi, Mom!), here’s a link to the post I’m responding to here.

Thanks, John.

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  1. Colonel says:

    Thank you, Mr. B, for your service to NATCA. And thanks, as well, for staying on JTB’s… um… posterior until he started the Main Bang. Brilliant idea. Seriously.

  2. CPC Voice says:


    John Carr posted a tribute to you, it seemed only fitting to thank you for inspiring John to starta blog. Have you pushed him towards podcasting yet?

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