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| January 8, 2008 | 0 Comments

When I first arrived in New Hampshire, I called a reporter friend who tipped me off to an Obama rally not too far from the airport at Nashua North High School. So, I thought I’d get a dose of “Hope” before going to work.

Approaching the event was like arriving at Woodstock. As I got close there were more and more people walking toward the school as if on a pilgrimmage. Cars were parked everwhere, on snowbanks, sidewalks, etc. I got pretty close, but then encountered a huge line leading into the school. I despaired of getting in, but, while the main gym was full a half an hour before the event, they opened a overflow gym and piped in the sound. Then, the line moved quickly.

While I didn’t see his main speech, he clearly had the house rockin’. Reports indicate that he had 2,000 people in the main gym. The overflow was about 1,000. At the end of his speech, he came into the overflow area for a brief greeting. As it happened, I got closer to him in the overflow than I ever would have at the main event.

Here are some video clips I took:

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