Campaign Panel – Live blog (part 8)

| May 8, 2008 | 0 Comments

What is the impact of new media?

Kondracke – I grew up in the fifties and I don’t recognize campaigns today. As a journalist, I would file twice a day. Now, reporters have to file all the time, for the paper, for the web site. It is constant. When do they have time to do reporting? As a consumer, you can’t keep up with it.

My favorite site is Real Clear Politics. Can’t even keep up with that!

Readership of newpapers is collapsing. Kids don’t even watch TV, they get everything on the Internet.

Media creates a new consciousness and I don’t know what effect this is having. People are only going to places to find info they agree with. What impact is that going to have?

Obama claims he’s going to bring people together. He’s never done that in the U.S. Congress…ever. My guess is that he won’t have to. The Democratic wave is so great, he will work with the new enlarged Democratic majority to pass a liberal agenda and will lose his mandate.

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