Campaign Panel – Live blog (part 9)

| May 8, 2008 | 0 Comments

What about our business? PR used to be the “canary in the mineshaft?” We feel the recession before it comes because PR budgets get cut early. Doesn’t seem to be happening this time. Are we in a recession?

Talent – I think so. But the public dissatisfaction is based, not on personal situations, but rather a fear of the future, the direction we’re going in and the unresponsiveness in Washington.

Back to the new media, I think it’s great, a new vibrant marketplace of ideas.

Country’s problems transcend politics, energy, entitlement programs, baby boom retirement, post cold war foreign policy. Lot’s of big things. They have to be solved on a bipartisan basis. Would a President Obama enlist Republicans, even if he didn’t have to?

Sandlin – This new bi-partisan from Republicans comes now after they’ve lost the House, lost the Senate and are about to lose the Presidency. That’s not how they governed when they were in charge. They didn’t want Democratic votes.

This is going to be a personal election. People want someone like Obama who says “I’m going listen to you and try to solve your problems.”

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