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| May 8, 2008 | 0 Comments

The panel begins. Introductions all around. Sandlin and Talent set the stage on the campaign, focusing on congressional races.

Kantor corrects Paul’s introduction of him as “vice chair” of the Clinton campaign. “At my age, they don’t give you a title. They’re worried that, if you die, they’ll have to come to the funeral.”

Sandlin starts off. Predicts higher margins in both the House and Senate for Democrats. Points to the Democrats winning special elections for Republican Speaker Hastert’s seat in Illinois and Rep. Baker’s seat in Louisiana. Forcasts a pickup for Democrats of about 18 seats in the House. Also, predicts more Dems in the Senate, but not enough to get to the magic number of 60 seats that would allow Dems to block fillibusters.

Also says there will be great uncertainty and “more government.”

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