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As often happens when I blog while traveling, the trip ended before my blogging ended. So, I’ll try to catch up quickly.

After traveling back from Galway, we re-entered the warm bosom of the Saunders household in Dublin on Saturday. John had arranged for us to see Riverdance that evening. He warned us that the best he could get were some “obstructed view” seats. Right. Turns out we were in the Presidential Box, right next to the stage. There was about 15% of the stage that we couldn’t see, but the proximity was extraordinary, as you’ll see from the following clip. It’s a bit long and I had some “buffering issues” when I played it. But gives a good sense of the show.

As it happens, John and Jean Saunders are very close friends with the creators of Riverdance. The producer, Moya Doherty, worked with Jean many years ago and they’ve remained close. John’s contribution to Riverdance was apparently his comment when the idea was presented to him, “Nobody’s going to want to set for two hours watching Irish dancing.” The rest, as they say, is history.

Here’s the clip. The occasion clapping shadows are my wife, Rita, and daughter, Bridget.

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