Barak at 34

| August 20, 2008 | 2 Comments
This video almost makes me cry. It’s an interview with Barak Obama in 1995 about his book, Dreams of My Father. He’s the same then as he is now, sincere, articulate and thoughtful. To think that McCain and his gang of bullies and no-nothings are having success caricaturing him just makes me sad. God help us. We’ll get the president we deserve. I’d like to think we deserve Obama, but I’m not sure.

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  1. Laurel says:

    Thirteen years ago and he is discussing country; family; values; economics; faith; concern for others. Perhaps the country will be fortunate and he will become president. I think we would be inspired to give our best.

  2. Laurel says:

    Went to You Tube and listened to all 3 parts of the video. I agree such sincerity and thoughtfullness are not “acquired” traits.

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