Edinburgh Discusion of the American Elections

| October 3, 2008 | 0 Comments

A discussion on the U.S. Presidential debate, hosted by the Fleishman Hillard Edinburgh office, was held last Wednesday evening in the stunning Signet Library in Parliament Square in Edinburgh. It was a lively affair due mostly to Sir Christopher Meyer, former British Ambassador to the United States and a member of the International Advisory Board. His witty observations and telling anecdotes delighted the crowd. I did my part as the American politico, assuring the audience that Fleishman Hillard was completely non-partisan, in case my personal Obama sympathies peeked through.

The panel was chaired by The Right Honorable George Reid, a very proper Scotsman right out of central casting. You can hear him at the beginning of the video. A fascinating man who served in the Scottish National Parliament, among many, many other things.

My favorite question noted that many Americans were unschooled in international affairs, even though the entire world had such heavy stakes in this election. “We feel like we’re on a roller coaster, run by the Americans, and they don’t even know we’re aboard!”

Thank you to Michael Stanton-Geddes, budding cinematographer and currently serving in the FH Brussels office, for the following brief snatches from the event. It’s about 5 minutes long.

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