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| August 17, 2009 | 0 Comments
I am so sick of the mealy-mouthed response of the official Democratic spokespeople as they respond to the knowing lies that the conservative zealots are fomenting regarding healthcare reform. 

Yesterday, on Meet the Press, David Gregory asked Tom Daschle for a reaction to the accusation that the Democratic plans have “death panels” that would “pull the plug on Grandma.”  He called the charges “hyperbole.”  Hyperbole??!!  How about “boldfaced lie!“?  That’s the problem.  On the one side, we have these wild charges that are treated as legitimate topics for debate.  And, on the other side, we have reasoned discussion and the media treats them as equivalent.

Yesterday’s Post had a great column by Rick Perlstein entitled “Crazy is a Pre-existing Condition” that explores this issue with far more eloquence than I could.

And, today, we have good guidance from the Democrats from a TPM Reader.

It is more evidence that ignorance drives out intelligence in today’s media.Technorati

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