Ted Kennedy and Airplanes

| September 23, 2009 | 0 Comments

I’ve been reading Ted Kennedy’s memoir and enjoying it immensely. One thing recently struck me, though. If I was Ted Kennedy, or any Kennedy, I wouldn’t set foot in an airplane.

I’m a nervous flyer to begin with. But, think of what Ted Kennedy has experienced. First, his brother Joe dies in an airplane accident. Granted, flying a plane loaded with explosives does tempt fate, but it’s still a tragedy. Then, Ted’s sister Kathleen dies in a crash with her fiance’. The one I didn’t know about was his roommate a Harvard, a budding Olympic skater, who died in a plane crash going to a Olympic preliminary trial. Then, of course, Ted himself almost died in a crash in western Massachusetts with Senator Birch Bayh. Finally, John, Jr.

Yes, if I was a Kennedy, I’d stay away from planes.

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