Frank Rich

| February 1, 2010 | 0 Comments
In today’s NY Times, Frank Rich addresses this new prohibition, discussed below, against “blaming Bush” for the problems the country faces currently.  During Obama’s State of the Union, John McCain can be seen chuckling and mouthing the words, “blaming Bush.”

Rich writes:

Perhaps McCain was sneering at Obama because of the Beltway’s newest unquestioned cliché: one year after a new president takes office he is required to stop blaming his predecessor for the calamities left behind. Who dreamed up that canard — Alito? F.D.R. never followed it. In an October 1936 speech, nearly four years after Hoover, Roosevelt was still railing against the “hear-nothing, see-nothing, do-nothing government” he had inherited. He reminded unemployed and destitute radio listeners that there had been “nine crazy years at the ticker” and “nine mad years of mirage” followed by three long years of bread lines and despair. F.D.R. soon won re-election in the greatest landslide the country had seen.

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