Sandy Cay, off the coast of Jost Van Dyke, BVI

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Our ultimate destination for Monday was Little Habour on Jost Van Dyke. This would be a return trip to Jost, having spent an overnight in White Bay. Our overall objective is to sail generally toward our return to Nanny Cay. Ultimately, we will have circumnavigated Tortola.

On the fly, we decided make a side trip and anchor off Sandy Cay (pronounced “key,” I’m repeatedly reminded. Repeatedly, because I keep saying it wrong). It’s a tiny patch of land with a beautiful white sand beach. The picture above shows the entire island.

It was an idyllic setting. A few other boats had moored. A group of people were conducted a sand castle contest between the boys and the girls.

I went snorkeling, which was good, but challenging because there was some heavy surf around the rocks and coral where the fish were. It was also challenging taking pictures with all the swaying back and forth. This was my only decent shot.

The rest of the crew took a swim. Note that two members of the crew are toasting their wives. The other would have, but neglected to bring a beverage into the water.

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Location:Fleming St,Road Town,British Virgin Islands

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