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There is a truly stunning article in the Financial Times that provides a “tic toc” of the event leading to and following the famous incident in the New York Sofitel Hotel between Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the chamber maid.  It must be read in its entirety to get the full impact.  It suggests the possibility that DSK may have been set up by political forces supporting French President Sarkozy. 

Here are some of the amazing documented facts:

  • The maid entered the room at 12:07.  At 12:13 pm DSK was on the phone with his daughter making lunch plans.
  • The maid made frequent visits, before and after the incident to a nearby room on the same floor.  The hotel won’t reveal who was in that room.
  • DSK was warned that somebody was monitoring his cell phone calls, which caused him to have his blackberry checked for bugs.  He left his blackberry in the room and it was mysteriously disabled.
  • There a a video of two security guards “high fiving” and doing a 3 minute celebratory dance after DSK was arrested.
  • The head of security for the holding company that owns Sofitel Hotels was at a soccer game with Sarkozy when the incident occurred.

It’s a plot worthy of Law and Order.

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