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Today’s Washington Post shows the utter hypocrisy and false bravado of the tea party nut jobs that are running the U.S. House.  The story is about the grumbling over the outcome of the payroll tax debacle and all their brave talk about how they act on principle and not politics.  Of course, all the messaging coming from House Republicans has been that they want a full year deal, not a 2 month fix that “kicks the can down the road.”

But here’s the key passage:

The temporary deal extended a tax cut many freshmen believe had been embraced by President Obama and Republican leaders merely because it was popular. Opponents argued that it would not stimulate the economy as Obama had maintained. They also said it could harm Social Security funding over time.

That is not an argument for a one year deal. That is an argument for no payroll tax cut, at all.  But you won’t hear them arguing for no tax cut.  They may be dumb, but they’re not stupid.  They want to block the cut without paying the political price, which would be enormous.

Of course,  those who outwardly support the cut are hypocrites, as well.  When the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy came up for renewal, we were told that there shouldn’t be offsets, that it was irresponsible to find a way to “pay” for them because we are just giving people their own money back.  But now, when the renewal of a tax cut is for the middle income and poor, we must pay for it.

It’s enough to make your head spin.  I hope and pray that the voters are getting all this.  Given the high visibility of this fight, I think they are.  And, for anyone who’s missed it, the tea partiers vow to renew the fight next year.

Bring it on!

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