Dead heading

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In a break from the past, we decided to go to the camp on Friday night, instead of our usual Saturday arrival. Technically, we’re not supposed to arrive before Saturday, but we learned that our cabin was empty and ready for occupancy on Friday. So, instead of our usual stopover in Albany on Friday, we decided to go all the way to camp.

We left on Friday morning at about 10:30 am, prepared for a long trip. While we would be able to get through New York City before rush hour, we’d probably hit Albany at maximum traffic time, a Friday night during summer time.

One interesting experience we had on the way had to do with the Olympics. The sister of an acquaintance of Bridget’s was actually competing that day in the 800 meter freestyle swimming competition. Bridget had watched her progress from the trials on. Her name is Katie Ledecky. In a testament to the new media world we live in, we were able to get live coverage of the Olympics on both an IPhone and my IPad. The connection was a bit spotty on the IPad, but the IPhone seemed to get a petty steady signal. So, driving in a car, up Route 87 in New York, we were able to watch Katie win the Gold Medal. Good thing Rita was driving, as I am easily distracted while driving. Rita was able to manage driving and while simultaneously watching the race.

Sure enough, we hit a dead stop in Albany. So, we pulled off the road, did grocery shopping and had a quick dinner at a Panera.

By the time we got back on the highway, traffic had cleared and it was a smooth ride from there on. We arrived at camp at 9:10 pm and Luke was there to greet us. The vacation had begun.


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