Falmouth Road Race 2014

| August 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

Daughter Bridget ran in the Falmouth Road Race today. She clocked in at 1:05, which is a good time.

I’m not a frequenter of races of this kind, but Falmouth seems special. It attracts the whole range of runners, from world class to weekenders. It is just the right length, challenging enough for the pros and easy enough for the amateurs.

But it is also a great event for people with disabilities. I saw one guy walking by with two helpers who had clearly suffered catastrophic burns. And there are a large number of pairs, including a runner pushing someone confined to a wheelchair. Very inspirational.

Always in late August, there is a bittersweet character, marking as it does the beginning of the end of summer. Still it is a very warm community event that has gotten big, but blessedly, not too big.

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