Now, I’m Ready

| July 31, 2016 | 0 Comments

imageI took the bike the 47 miles to the bike shop in Bloomington, IL. It was the Bloomington Cycle and Fitness store. Kelly and Mike the Mechanic came along. Kelly drove. It was a great opportunity to get acquainted. Mike’s a military retiree from Alaska and Kelly, a former JAG lawyer who lives in Reston, VA. They both have been on the ride since Seattle.

The Bloomington Cycle and Fitness store was amazing. They immediately went to work on the bike, fixed the main problem and about six others. We went to lunch and, when we came back, they were done. They also gave me a 10% discount in honor of the cross country ride.

The couple who owns the store are passionate cyclists. The husband worked on my bike while Kelly shared biking war stories with the wife. She started a women’s cycling club in Bloomington and they have 80 women for the Friday night rides. I’m beginning to better understand the cycling subculture.

Anyway, the bike is ready and so am I. 80 miles tomorrow.

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