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Another Dave Stapleton photostory from ThriveDC.  This morning I was working the shower station with another volunteer who came with a group from the Coast Guard.  He was a soft spoken young man wearing a Red Sox cap.  So, naturally, we talked baseball.  I asked if he was from Boston.  He said, “No, Alabama.”

I asked how a guy from Alabama becomes a Red Sox fan.  He said he was the son-in-law to a former Red Sox player, Dave Stapleton.  He reminded me that Stapleton was a first baseman who alternated games with the infamous Bill Buckner.  For non-baseball fans, Buckner is the guy who muffed a ground ball that cost the Red Sox the World Series in 1986.  Clearly, like many Red Sox fans, his in-laws believe that if Red Sox Manager John McNamara had played Stapleton, rather than Buckner in that game, the Red Sox would have won the Series in 1986.

I was duly impressed and said “Wow, that’s amazing.  You married his daughter?!”  He said “Yes.”  I blurted out, “Did you know her when he was playing for the Red Sox??”  He said, “I wasn’t born, when he was playing for the Red Sox.”



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