Post Election Blahs

| November 4, 2020 | 0 Comments

Wednesday, 5:15 pm, Day after the election

So, it looks like Biden’s going to win. The worst outcome didn’t happen. But, as per my previous entry, it’s been emotionally exhausting.

Bottom line, it was not the massive repudiation of Trump that I’d hoped for or that the country needed. The republicans will hold the senate. The democrats will lose seats in the House. Who knows what happened in the state legislatures, but I assume it’s not the wave that’s going to help us from getting screwed again in redistricting. The trench warfare continues.

I was seriously thinking about changing our whole life this morning. I thought about putting all our assets in a mental bucket and do a zero based analysis that asked and answered the question, what kind of life do I want going forward within the constraints of that amount of money. I seriously thought about trying to convince Rita to move to Canada.

So, at least I’m past that. Biden, not Trump, will be president. And Trump will be humiliated, but he’ll never know it. At least not consciously.

I do console myself thinking about the ability of the Biden Administration doing audits of all the atrocities that the Trump Administration has committed, agency by agency. Seeing Trump in jail may be too much to wish for. But I do hope his businesses suffer.

But the country is still a mess. This was not a big turning point. We simply removed a malignant aggressive cancer from a patient with many other maladies.

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