Monday – In the Groove

| August 2, 2021 | 0 Comments

It usually takes about a week to fully integrate into the rhythm of a Fuller ride. And today, that’s how it feels. I’ve finally got my bike legs. That, combined with a relatively short (50 miles) flat ride made today a breeze.

Here’s the ride from Santa Barbara to Oxnard.

One problem that persisted on the ride was my gear shifting. I often found myself in the wrong gear with no way to get out of it. Not a big deal when you’re going downhill but sucks when you’re going up.

This ride also afforded me the opportunity of riding with the pack, at least for a while. I can keep up on the flats.

This is my usual view of my fellow riders

We stayed at All Saints Episcopal Church in Oxnard and I snared the perfect sleeping area. In a corner next to an electrical outlet. Heaven.

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