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Bridget Got the Job!

| March 12, 2024 | 0 Comments

Bridget accepted the job at the Zoma Foundation and I couldn’t be more proud of her. It’s a huge accomplishment for her. She had decided that Soccer Without Borders was not giving her what she needed. It simply could not pay her a “living wage.” So, even though she loved the organization and its mission, she decided she had to leave. And she took the bold step of announcing her departure date before having another job.

Since the departure was three months hence, she did have hope that she would have gotten a job before she left. Unfortunately, that did not happen, so she’s been plagued with self doubt (a hereditary trait) throughout the process. Fortunately, all her decisions and choices have been vindicated, at least based on what we know now. Zoma, a foundation started by an heir to the Walton family fortune, looks like an awesome organization that is new and growing. Focusing on child welfare, it is an innovative nonprofit that is going to teach Bridget a lot. They seem to be on the cutting edge of many new approaches to philanthropy. I’m so proud of her and very happy for her.

Oh, and by the way, she will be almost doubling her compensation. So, there’s that.

Bridget Makes the Final Round

| February 24, 2024 | 0 Comments

Bridget’s been informed that, after many, many interviews with everybody at the Walton Foundation, she’s been invited back to me the “principle,” Ben Walton. We are all excited and nervous. The meeting is Tuesday morning in Denver.

Obviously, there are two possibilities. Either, she’s been chosen and they just need the blessing of a family member. Or the the family member gets two options so that he makes the final decision. No way to know which it is.

I remember my final interview at Fleishman Hillard. After an eight month process, having met about 10 people, I had to meet Rick Sullivan, the outgoing GM of the Washington office. I went in thinking it was just another in a long line of “culture” checks. So, I was pretty relaxed.

At one point during the conversation, I said, “If I were to get the job….”

Rick stopped me there and said, “Wait! You got the job. Didn’t they tell you? This meeting is just a formality.”

I said, “Oh. Thanks.”

I hope that’s what’s in store for Bridget.