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Obamacare Rises from the Politically Deadly

| May 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

I’ve been thinking, and occasionally saying, that Obamacare will be a net benefit for Democrats in the midterm election.  There is a growing chorus of speculation among the chattering class about this and they are saying it better than I could.

I particularly like Greg Sargent’s view in the context of the Arkansas race pitting Senator Mark Pryor against Rep. Tom Cotton.

And by the way, Cotton isn’t the only high profile GOP Senate candidate pulling a homina homina homina on his state’s Medicaid expansion. So is Scott Brown. And Thom Tillis’ gyrations on Obamacare repeal are similarly absurd. So clearly, this isn’t the uniform slam dunk issue Republicans claim it is. The scrutiny is entirely on how Democrats are handling Obamacare. But some attention should be paid to how Republicans handle the pitfalls of repeal going forward. Time to take another look at the conventional wisdom here.

Things could get very interesting in the Fall.