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Feeling Old

| May 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

Another Dave Stapleton photostory from ThriveDC.  This morning I was working the shower station with another volunteer who came with a group from the Coast Guard.  He was a soft spoken young man wearing a Red Sox cap.  So, naturally, we talked baseball.  I asked if he was from Boston.  He said, “No, Alabama.”

I asked how a guy from Alabama becomes a Red Sox fan.  He said he was the son-in-law to a former Red Sox player, Dave Stapleton.  He reminded me that Stapleton was a first baseman who alternated games with the infamous Bill Buckner.  For non-baseball fans, Buckner is the guy who muffed a ground ball that cost the Red Sox the World Series in 1986.  Clearly, like many Red Sox fans, his in-laws believe that if Red Sox Manager John McNamara had played Stapleton, rather than Buckner in that game, the Red Sox would have won the Series in 1986.

I was duly impressed and said “Wow, that’s amazing.  You married his daughter?!”  He said “Yes.”  I blurted out, “Did you know her when he was playing for the Red Sox??”  He said, “I wasn’t born, when he was playing for the Red Sox.”



In Boston With Bridget

| April 14, 2012 | 0 Comments


Bridget and the Mayah

I spent the last couple of days in Worcester and Boston with my daughter Bridget.  It was for a tour of The College of the Holy Cross, to which she was admitted and from which her mother graduated.   Bridget went to a couple of classes and toured the campus.  Right now she’s leaning toward “The Cross,” but is still considering University of Vermont as a possibility.

Me and the Mayah








After the campus tour, we drove into Boston to visit Faneuil Hall Marketplace at Boston’s Waterfront.  I was stunned to learn that Bridget had never visited the area.  Continue Reading