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A Visit to Mannie’s

| November 11, 2020 | 0 Comments

Yesterday, at about 1:00 pm, I got a call from Mannie, my friend from ThriveDC. I used to see him each of the two days a week I volunteered at Thrive. He’s a small guy from India. His teeth are a mess. He has wisps of hair on his mostly bald head. I believe he once told me he was about 72 years old. I reconnected with him a few months ago to see how he was doing. He said he needed food because he was physically unable to get to a grocery store. So, I’ve been bringing him a Value Pack from the SHARE Food Network, for which I’m the advisory board chair and coordinator at Blessed Sacrament Church.

As I got to know him, I found him more and more interesting. He lives in an apartment near Adams Morgan. Whenever he told me something and I agreed, he immediately says, in his lilting Indian accent, “No, I am not kidding!” I always say, “I know you’re not kidding. I believe everything you say.”

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