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A Poem for the Blacks

| July 10, 2016 | 0 Comments

Pat Good, our best friend in Ireland, composed a poem, in 24 hours, to commemorate our visit to Rathlin Island.  It is a wonderful and touching tribute.  The text is below the video.

Welcome Home to Rathlin


Three Blacks came to Dublin Town

Two brothers and a cousin Bill

To Peadar Brown’s they were taken down

And there they drank their fill

Pints of Guinness they lowered back

They couldn’t get back enough

And many a counter attack and raid

The three men called Black made

For more of the beautiful Black Stuff


Three Blacks came to Rathlin

Richard, Robert and Bill

They felt the pull of home as they crossed the foam

And with salt tears their eyes did fill

In the graveyard by the quay

Among the Headstones they stood — Silent.

Failte Romhat Isteach — Richard, Robert and Bill

Welcome Home to Rathlin Island