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Romney’s Drone Attack

| January 4, 2012 | 0 Comments

While the Iowa Caucus has resulted in a bit of muddle in terms of the status of candidates at this point in the Republican nomination process, it has provided utter clarity in overall strategy by which Mitt Romney hopes to become president.  He will be matching Obama’s strategy for taking out Al Qaeda.  Here’s how.

It is a given among political consultants that negative ads work.  Voters complain about them and vow to ignore them, but there is absolutely no doubt but that voters are influenced by them…to a point.  There are two ways that negative ads can backfire.  They can simply be bad ads, dishonest, harsh or simply over the top.  In that case, the voters react against the perpetrator of the negative ad and the advantage goes to the target.  The other way they can backfire is, in a multi-candidate election, two candidates attacking each other effectively succeed in tearing each other down and the voters reject both.  Another candidate, seen as taking the high road, can sneak through.  A prerequisite of both of these scenarios is the fact that the voters know who is airing the negative ads so they can punish them. Continue Reading