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| March 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

Groucho in Duck Soup

I thoroughly enjoyed Dick Cavett’s review of two re-issued books on Groucho Marx, a man I idolize.  I wish I had the time to read the books, but, for now, the review will have to suffice.  Here’s an excerpt that describes Groucho well:

Woody Allen has said that of the greats, Groucho had the richest number of gifts. He could sing, dance and act, and beyond those fairly common gifts, when you add the distinctive voice, faultless instinct for wording, genius wit, hilarious physical movement, rich supply of expressions and physical “takes” — and the list goes on — it arguably adds up to the most supremely gifted comedian of our time.

The pinnacle of my Groucho obsession was reached in my twenties when there was a double bill of Marx Brothers movies playing at the Kenmore Square theater in Boston.  It was Horsefeathers and Duck Soup, the 3rd and 4th Marx Brothers movies made in the early 1930’s.  I went all three nights of the run and watch both movies each night.

Those were the days.