The Green T. House

| March 19, 2006 | 3 Comments

Dinner at the Green T. House, the hot restaurant in Beijing we’re told. Check out the seat backs, they are about 6 feet high. The place looks like a scene out of A Clockwork Orange, very weird and funky. Spooky music, strange images projected on the wall. Bizarre art. They made a big deal about the presentation of the food. One course was served on tree bark. The picture doesn’t to it justice, but I was informed shortly after taking this that there were not pictures allowed. So, this was the best I could do. It was a lively evening with a fair amount of wine.

Funny moment on the cab ride back. Kurt was in the front seat, Fred and I in the back. Kurt was trying gallantly to get into a conversation with the cab driver, even though it was clear he didn’t speak a word of English. There was some hysterical talk show on the radio, with a lot of Chinese chatter and sound effects. “Is this a hot talk show?” Kurt inquired. No response from the cabbie.

After a couple of other fruitless efforts, Kurt then said, in all earnestness, “So, you get much bird flu around here?” The cab driver just seemed puzzled.

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