Hello, Hong Kong, I must be going

| March 25, 2006 | 3 Comments

Sadly, I blew through Hong Kong so quickly, that I didn’t even get to post while on the ground. This is the part of the trip (the end) where blogging become more of a chore. I’m in the Tokyo airport waiting for my flight to LA. So, I’ll try to recap briefly the final hours of the trip.

After our tour of Seoul, I visited the FH office there. A beehive of activity as they prepared for what they expected to be the biggest pitch of the year, a nuclear power company. Too bad they had to host the visiting yankees, while preparing for that event. But they never gave a hint that our visit was an inconvenience. In fact, frankly, they ran us ragged….in a good way. Here’s a picture.

Yvonne arranged dinner with a very influential woman, Madame Doh, the Korean Ambassador for Trourism. We met her and her husband, a famous former congressman, at a Korean restuarant in a hotel where she was attending some major event. Of course, with the horrendous traffic, it took us an hour to get there.

No sooner had we sat down than she launched into her description of the things she was doing as ambassador, asked me about myself and FH and just generally dominated the conversation. Her husband didn’t utter a word during the entire dinner. But she was delightful. Funny, charismatic and very impressive. She’s clearly a powerful force in Korean politics and I was very impressed that Yvonne had this connection.

Here we are after the dinner.

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