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One of the amazing things about George W. Bush is how he has revealed as heroes people for whom I’ve had nothing but contempt over the years. That’s the real dividing line in this Administration. People who subordinate their will to King George and prosper (or get the Medal of Freedom) and people who have an independent will and are destroyed (the list is too long to show here, but some examples, Paul O’Neil, Colin Powell, John Dellulio, etc., etc.) Who’d have thought that Ashcroft could be a hero, but you’ve got to admire the guy for his sickbed repudiation of Gonzalez and Card.

Well, here’s another. Ron Paul. It’s a testament to the decline of the Republican Party that Guiliani apparently got the boost from his exchange with Paul at the debate. But, the fact is, Paul was right. And click the video below to see him elaborate.

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