Barack on Fatherhood

| June 16, 2008 | 2 Comments

The man is amazing. He continues to impress and move me. His sermon on father’s yesterday was remarkable.

Here’s a passage I really liked:

I say this knowing that I have been an imperfect father – knowing that I have made mistakes and will continue to make more; wishing that I could be home for my girls and my wife more than I am right now. I say this knowing all of these things because even as we are imperfect, even as we face difficult circumstances, there are still certain lessons we must strive to live and learn as fathers – whether we are black or white; rich or poor; from the South Side or the wealthiest suburb.

What impresses me most about him is his humility. But I’ve struggled to identify that humility, because he’s clearly got an ego and he knows how smart he is. But I think I’ve finally figured out the kind of humility that so impresses me, it’s his moral humility. He’s always acknowledging his own “imperfections.” I believe that’s genuine. He knows he’s smarter than most people and he knows he is one of the great communicators of our time. But he doesn’t believe that makes him a better human being.

Here’s the whole speech:

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  1. Alana says:

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  2. Guy Noir says:


    I actually live in DC and would be intrigued by the Progressive Faith Blog Conferrence. Depending on my work obligations, I would try to attend at least part of the conference. So, I’d put it at a 4.

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