John Templeton

| July 13, 2008 | 0 Comments
One of my fascinations is the relationship between science and religion. I reject the view that the two approaches to knowledge are incompatible – or even contradictory. Billionaire John Templeton established a foundation to explore these issues. He died last week at age 95. There’s a great post on Templeton on a Washington Post blog I just discovered called On Faith. Here’s a revealing quote from Templeton. Humility is a truly lost quality in our current culture.

“I grew up as a Presbyterian,” he told Business Week in 2005. “Presbyterians thought the Methodists were wrong. Catholics thought all Protestants were wrong. The Jews thought the Christians were wrong. So what I am financing is humility. I want people to realize you shouldn’t think you know it all.

I wonder where he is right now?

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