Joe Biden for Vice President

| July 16, 2008 | 1 Comment

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  1. Guyana says:

    I agree that Senator Biden has a wealth of foreign policy experience and would be a strong candidate for the VP slot. However he does suffer from ‘foot in the mouth disease” and therefore the senate is the safest place for him. In addition, his years as a Washington insider make choosing him as the vice president sort of an oxymoron when the mantra of the campaign is changing Washington. His foreign policy experience would make him an excellent candidate for secretary of state but here again one has to be careful because of his “seven-eleven type comments”. The VP has to bring more than foreign policy to the table. He (yes he) has to be someone that Americans could envision as president. I suggest Sam Nunn. He has been out of the political arena for enough years to no longer be an “insider”; he has seen how narrow minded he was with regard to gays in the military; he is a southerner; he meets the foreign policy criteria. In essence, in addition to filling the perceived void in Senator Obama’s candidacy, he would appeal to the segment of the population that Senator Obama does not.

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