Bye bye Barcode

| July 27, 2009 | 0 Comments

Researchers have come up with another replacement for the barcode, called “bokodes.”  It’s the little circle at the center of the attached picture surrounded by the current suite of barcodes.  It can be read by mobile phones, leading to a whole range of new ways to shop.  By the coolest new thing is how it could be used with Google maps:

Dr Mohan said they could also be used to augment the information incorporated into Google Streetview, a service which allows users to browse a selection of pictures taken along city streets.

At the moment the images for Streetview – accessible through Google Maps – are collected by trucks and cars fitted with several cameras.

“Shop and restaurant owners can put these Bokodes outside their stores and as the Google truck is driving down the street it will capture the information in that.”

For example, a restaurant could put menu information inside the tag.

When the data is uploaded to Google Maps, it would automatically be displayed next to the image of the restaurant, said Dr Mohan.

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