Celebrating Healthcare Reform

| December 25, 2009 | 0 Comments
I have to admit, my admiration for Paul Krugman varies proportional to his support for President Obama.  Since he supported Hillary during the primaries, he’s not particularly invested in Obama as an individual.  So, generally, when he’s critical, he comes at Obama from the Left and I get conflicted.  But, when he lines up with Obama, all is right with the world.

Today, he comes out in strong support of the Senate healthcare reform bill.  Yes, it is a compromise, but a compromise that represents and massive change in direction in American politics.  Of course, he does take a gentle shot at Obama by pointing out that the bill is closer to Hillary Clinton campaign proposal than to Obama’s.  But his conclusion is strong:

And for all its flaws and limitations, it’s a great achievement. It will provide real, concrete help to tens of millions of Americans and greater security to everyone. And it establishes the principle — even if it falls somewhat short in practice — that all Americans are entitled to essential health care.

While I am pretty far to the Left ideologically, I am also a pragmatist when it comes to policymaking.  As I’ve noted in a previous post, the bill will be seen as one of the great legislative achievements of the past fifty years.  I’m glad Krugman agrees with me.

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