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There are few things in life more transcendentally beautiful than the morning after a big snowstorm. And there is nothing in life that brings such beauty to your doorstep.

I experience this beauty this morning at about 7 am with vigorous trudge three blocks to Rock Creek Park. The sites and sounds were exquisite. While there was the muffling effect of snow and a low wind, there were also, surprisingly, bird calls. What hardy creatures to have made it through a night of blizzard conditions.

The snow was above my knees, which made trudging laborious. In some spots it reached my upper thigh. One neighbor was out shoveling to “get ahead of the storm.” He explained that he had shoveled the night before and all his work was blown away. Of course, there’s supposed to be another blast this afternoon, which will likely blown his morning’s work away, as well.

I’m such a snow junky that my expectations are rarely satisfied by the actual storm. This one did it. And it ain’t over yet.


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