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The right wing never sleeps and is relentless in its non-stop battle against the poor. Even in the Catholic Church, an institution inspired by Jesus for whom the poor and marginalized were his paramount concern, has internal critics who attack programs for the poor. Contrary to Jesus’ explicit teaching, they would sacrifice the needs of the poor in order to protect against supposedly violations of Church doctrine on homosexuality, on which subject Jesus said exactly nothing.

Here’s a piece in the HuffPost about attacks on a program for the poor being conducted by the Catholic Bishops conference.

The hypocrisy is apparent in this quote by the leader of the mob trying to end the program.

Deal Hudson, who directs the conservative website Inside Catholic, said the CCHD’s reforms might eliminate funding errors if they are doggedly implemented, but said a more systemic problem remains.

“The groups they are dealing with, community organizing groups, are 100 percent committed members of the political left. That’s just a fact,” said Hudson, a former adviser to the Republican National Committee and former President George W. Bush.

Hudson strongly denied that politics play any role in his concern about CCHD, but said leftist groups nearly always conflict with Catholic doctrine on issues like gay rights and abortion.— Post From My iPhone

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