Dublin – Reconnecting with Danny

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Traveling to Dublin was uneventful. A nice benefit of the European Union, we breezed through Customs.  What we arrived to was unusual, though, a driving hail storm.  Standing in the taxi line, the hailstones were clattering on the overhang.  Within a short time, it turned to rain, more typical Irish weather.

We stayed at the Ashling Hotel, a recommendation of a friend in Dublin.  While it was a Best Western, apparently Best Western is a more upscale brand in Ireland that it is in the U.S.  It was a very nice, seemingly business hotel.  Clean with attentive staff.

Meet the Parents

The first night we had dinner with the family that was hosting our son for the last three months.  David and Gilian are the parents, Adam and Ian the two teenage sons.  There are a delightful young family.  He’s an interior designer with his own business, she’s a nurse.  He is also an adventurous gourmet cook, which explained their choice of restaurant, the El Bahia Moroccan, which bills itself as the only authentic Moroccan restaurant in all of Ireland. I have no reason to doubt the claim as it was extremely authentic.  Upon walking into its dark, lush interior, Bridget remarked, “I feel like I’ve left Ireland.”

Danny was extremely fortunate in his host family.  They were all bright, intelligent, friendly, open and creative. The sons are both musicians, Gillian sings in a choral group and, as noted above, David is a chef.  They appeared to have true affection for Danny and David even delivered his pre-approved lines with conviction when I asked how Danny was doing?  He said, “He’s unfailingly diligent and focused!”

My Favorite Picture So Far

Here’s Bridget on the Millennium Bridge over the Liffey River in Dublin taken on our way to dinner.

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  1. Durkin says:

    Are ye sure the restaurant photo wasn't taken at Mama Ayesha's at the east end of the Duke Ellington Bridge?

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