The Bitter End

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No, this is not the end of the trip, just the name of a marina on Virgin Gorda. Our luck had run out on the wind. Pretty dead from the Baths to the Bitter End, so we went mostly under power.

We stopped there for shore leave. Nice bathrooms and showers and a pub. We actually secured a slip and were pleasantly surprised that the entire cast of our stop, including slip fees, refueling and topping off the water was about $110.

When we checked in, another yachtsman began chatting with us an older gentleman with a pleasant french accent. Jean revealed my pirate name, Boston Blackie and he said that the yachtsman said I must be feared on the east coast of the U.S. I acknowledged the fact.

Then he said that he had been with a congressman from Boston on a yacht sailing the islands a couple of weeks ago. They were on a 96 foot catamaran. Turned out to be a congressmen with whom I worked years ago. Further conversation revealed that his name was Albert Paiwansky and that Jean went to school in St. Thomas with his son. Later Jean revealed to me that he is one of the wealthiest men in the Virgin Islands. The family is very well know and made its fortune in rum, among other things. We went to his huge motor yacht and met his wife and daughter. His daughter went to the same school as Jean.

Albert came by to send us off as we set sail in the morning. A delightful man.

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