Kathleen Turner

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Kathleen Turner

Last night, I attended a Smithsonian event, a conversation with Kathleen Turner.  It was associated with her current one woman show where she portrays Texas journalist, Molly Ivins.  Turner was her usually gravely voiced, irreverent self.  She was candid and occasionally profane.  And she gave a taste from her show.

The questions, both from the interviewer and the audience were fairly predictable.  Her favorite character was Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff.  She talked about the fun she had doing Romancing the Stone with Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito.  Described a chance meeting, which turned into an afternoon of hilarity, with Ann Richards and Molly Ivins.  Oh to be a fly on the wall for that session.  It was a very entertaining evening.

The reason I went was to reconnect with Ms. Turner.  In late 1999, I worked with her on a Middle East Peace project that was as ill-fated as all such projects are.  But it involved multiple phone conversations with her every day for about three weeks, culminating in her calling my house and telling my wife “Your husband is driving my fucking crazy!”  It’s a long story that I’ll post about some day.

I caught up with her briefly after the “show” to say hello.   She remembered the project, which was nice.



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