Mass in Beijing

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20130630-173918.jpgI attended Mass in Beijing at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in East Beijing. I’m not sure whether this church is approved by the Vatican, but the Mass was essentially the same as I would have seen at home.

The church was very historic, dating from the 1600’s. it was burned down and rebuilt a few times. It did have a modern touch. Big flat screen TVs hanging on the columns that projected the words of prayers and music. Good idea.

On big difference was the “enforcer,” a young man who stood next to the priest questioning people as they received Communion. Occasionally, the priest would get involved. Some were denied Communion and at least one woman had her Communion taken away after the priest gave it to her.

Another difference was the music. Most of it was familiar. But the processional and recessional hymns were, shall we say, unusual. The processional hymn was sung to the tune of Morning Has Broken, written by Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam, noted follower of Ayatollah Khomenei. I don’t think his music is approved by the Vatican. But the recessional hymn tried to rock the house. The cantor announced that the “recessional hymn will be I Will Follow Him from the movie Sister Act.” I KNOW that is not approved for the liturgy.

Check it out:

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