Volunteering for ThriveDC

| April 8, 2016 | 0 Comments

Thrive-DC-Logo-longToday was my first volunteer experience at ThriveDC. It was very rewarding. I was surprised with the good humor in a room filled with people living on the edge.   Lots of laughter and joshing. These people were mostly homeless and clearly struggling with life. ThriveDC gives them the basics, food and hygiene and the recipients were very warmly grateful.

I was staffing the hygiene corner. My partner was a staff member named Brian. He is young man in his twenties with a pony tail. I asked him what he did outside Thrive? He said he mainly protested. I asked what he protested. He said “Everything.” He grew up on Bethesda and Silver Spring. Graduated from UMD. Good guy.

My job was to manage the waiting list for the showers. They have two big shower stalls, just for the men. When they come in for their food at 8:30 am, they can get on the list for a shower. When their turn comes up, I give them towels and toiletries. They get 15 minutes and I go to the showers to give them a 5 minute warning when their time is almost up. Fifteen guys used the shower during my 2 hour duty. At the same time, Brian managed the laundry, creating lists for people to use the laundry next week and helping those on the list use the laundry today.

I really enjoyed the experience. My regular shift will be on Wednesdays. I’m looking forward to going back.

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