FCBA – Day 1

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Today was a relaxed day in Seattle.  We were mostly just getting ourselves situated.  Still a few riders trickling in, which involved a trip to the airport for pickup.  It was technically a “build day,” but that meant moving boxes for a few families whose apartments had been renovated by the Fuller Center.  I skipped the “build” to assemble my bike with the help and guidance of my friend and partner, Peter Asmuth.

Peter Reconnects with 2016 FCBA rider, Joseph, also known as "Pui"

Peter Reconnects with 2016 FCBA rider, Joseph, also known as “Pui”

One surprise visitor was Joseph, aka “Pui,” who rode across country last year.  He was one of the “Three Stooges,” which included Peter, Pui and Fred Smoak.  They were inseparable during the ride.  Since I arrived in Peoria, I was not eligible to join their fraternity.  I guess I was Shemp.

After getting the bike outfitted and making an aborted run to the airport, I connected with my cousin, Paul Campbell.  Paul’s like the big brother I never had.  He’s the second oldest of my 40 or so first cousins on my mother’s side.  I was close to his brother Gerald, who was born 2 days before me, and did a lot of sleepovers at his house.  He was, and is, a huge outdoorsman, which is probably why he moved to Seattle decades ago.   Given the distance, we don’t get to see enough of each other.

We did a driving tour of Seattle, including a stop at the Troll Under the Bridge, a landmark little known

Paul and Me at the Troll Under the Bridget

Paul and Me at the Troll Under the Bridget

outside of Seattle.  It was constructed by a group of local students.   When we went, there was dozens of people taking their pictures with the statue.  It is also an important site in that it is the place where Paul and his wife, Helen, were married.  Yeah, Paul’s a bit funky, which is one of the many reasons I love him.

As to the ride, I have been interested with the role of “team leader” for a chore group.  My chore this week is “Snack Bins and Coolers,” both of which I need to ensure are full for the riders.

Tomorrow we ride to the Space Needle and back, 24 miles, not too many hills and extraordinary views of the harbor and Seattle skyline.

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