The Stakes

| November 1, 2020 | 0 Comments

Has there ever been an event – that we know will happen – whose consequences will be so profound? Not just for the U.S., but for the whole world. It is impossible to overstate the stakes in this election. A Trump win would be beyond catastrophic. That’s just a fact. And the fact that 40% of the American public not only doesn’t see that, but is willing to bring it about is the scariest fact that has ever existed in politics. As bad as Trump is, it’s his supporters that are the most dangerous….and inexplicable.

I saw a poll yesterday that had Joni Ernst ahead by a point in Iowa and got depressed. A Biden win with a Republican Senate is only slightly less catastrophic.

This morning, the Times released their last battleground states poll. It calmed me a bit. Biden is ahead in all of them. Still….

Meanwhile, Trump just gets worse and worse and worse. I can’t see any way that he increases his vote. I would like to think he’s driving people away. Would like to think it, but don’t know it.

A study came out that said 700 people have died from COVID tied to his rallies. He blamed doctors for exaggerating the number of COVID deaths to make more money. His supporters almost drove a Biden bus off the road somewhere in America. And peaceful African American protesters, marching to vote, were attacked by the police in a small town in North Carolina. Very reminiscent of Bull Connor.

Trump knows he can’t win the popular vote. He’s down by 8 to 10 points. The fact that he could still win through the electoral college is a damning indictment of our “democracy.”

I’m sure he has not given it a moment’s thought, But even setting aside the disaster of a second Trump term, winning this way will destroy America as we know it.

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