All Time Best Movie Musical Moments

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In my mind, there is no more powerful artistic experience than the combination of music and visuals. The eyes and ears combine to produce the maximum emotional response…when it’s done right. It’s my favorite part of any movie when the music is perfect for whatever scene is being depicted. It strikes a deep emotional chord, even in movies that are, overall, not so great.

So, I decided to collect my favorites among these moments. In most cases, I’ve been able to find the clips on YouTube, though some have ads and extraneous material. In one case, the embedding doesn’t work and you have to go to YouTube to view the clip. Also, the power of the scenes, in some cases, is diminished when extracted from the movie. In other cases, particularly in the bad movies, it’s actually better when removed from the mediocrity that surrounds it.

With all those qualifications, here are the criteria for choosing clips and I would invite anyone who reads this to contribute to the list.

  • The movie is not a musical, so the musical interlude is surprising, even a bit out of place. The Sound of Music need not apply.
  • The music is a discreet song, not the generalized soundtrack. For instance, The Godfather probably has the best musical soundtrack in the history of movies. But no “musical moments” as defined here.
  • The song is relevant to the action in the movie. It’s not just a good song, but it advances the plot or deepens the emotional content of the scene.

So, with all that in mind, the following are my favorite musical moments in movies. At least those I can currently remember. I’ll be adding others.

Feel free to add or criticize.


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